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Move quotes keep firing asshole

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Move quotes keep firing asshole
Move quotes keep firing asshole

The Finishing Move move quotes keep firing asshole a special combat maneuver that is only ever used to cap off a battle, especially one that's already been won. It's often incredibly flashy, frequently requiring a "charge-up" time long enough that it would be impractical to use if your opponent weren't already on the ground in a bloody heap. Even make me cum twice a "charge-up" time, using a Finishing Move at the beginning of a fight is often unwise especially if It Only Works Oncebecause if the enemy can counter it, they most likely will. When a new Finishing Move is introduced in a story, it's often treated as a case of Forbidden Chekhov's Gun — if the move isn't carried out perfectlyit could backfire and kill our hero esor even cause The End of the World as We Know It. Inevitably, the move turns out to be the only thing that can save them this week, and so it works perfectlyand it's treated as being reliable from then on. Limit Breaks in video games are usually intended as Finishing Moves, but often have different uses. Finishing Moves are also common as a natural part of gameplay in move quotes keep firing asshole, as opposed to being intended to be used at the end of the fight and it's just move quotes keep firing asshole.
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